Family visa

Family Class Application
The following information has been compiled from Canadian Government Sources, namely the Department of Citizenship and Immigration solicitor .

The following relatives are eligible as family class: wife, husband, parents, grandparents and fiancé(e). Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren must be orphans, unmarried and under 19. Children under 19 you plan to adopt and dependent sons or daughters are also eligible as well as any other relative, if you do not have any of the above or any family in Canada.

Sponsors are anyone who is 19 and older, are Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Canada and have not defaulted on a previous sponsorship agreement. They must not be facing any criminal charge, or awaiting the outcome of an immigration inquiry and must meet the applicable financial criteria.

Proof of the relationship is documents such as birth and marriage certificates, other types of legal official records, such as a voter’s registration and military records, and, occasionally, family personal records and photographs may be helpful if nothing else is available.

The sponsor agrees to give shelter and care to the sponsored relative and provide other living expenses as necessary for a period of ten years. In other words, the newcomer should not need help from the government.

Sponsored relatives are eligible for benefits such as Employment Insurance if they qualify for it.

Sponsored relatives are considered as permanent residents.

Sponsored people are responsible for paying their own income tax or debts.

Before people are admitted into Canada, they must have a valid passport and pass health and security requirements.

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